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In-Office Laboratory

Early in his career, it became very clear to Dr. Myers that the best way to achieve superior results for his patients was to work directly with a lab ceramist. In 1993, Volker Firnkes, a ceramist from Mannheim, Germany and Dr. Myers joined forces to create beautiful and natural smiles for their patients.

Even in the best commercial lab, the outcome is dependent upon photographs and models sent from a dental office. Volker provides our office the unique capability of working directly with our patients and Dr. Myers during and after fabrication of cases. This collaborative process results in an extremely personalized outcome for our patients.

Determining the exact shade of a new smile and the ability to customize shaping of crowns and veneers to fit a patient’s personality and function are just a few of the reasons we love having Volker in our dental office. It is easy to modify or make changes to your new smile immediately rather than additional waiting time and office visits.

Volker has specific training in the newest esthetic materials including zirconium crowns, which are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.